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ECARE SOLUTIONS--------Web Designing at its best

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    ecare adopts a simple & customer oriented methodology which we call elogy .
    elogy is a life cycle of process which undergoes in the completion of a project:
  • Interaction
  • Consultation
  • Presentation
  • Implementation
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Handover
  • Maintenence & Support
  • Interface Designing / Usability Testing
    The most important things in interface designing are: organization, logic and aesthetics.
    Our professionals will develop Interface design for your application, software or any other solution. We'll do not just make another good-looking interface. We'll do not just make interface with common usable rules.
    - We will give your interface fresh and profitable look
    - Design logos, icons and other elements
    - Give your project corporate identity
    - Perform Usability Testing with potential targeting audience
    - Support new interface implementation on all stages
    And only after that hard work we'll tell you: your project have really professional and usable interface.
    Software Development
    We work with the latest software development tools. Our specialists spent years and have a superb experience in such areas like:
    - Custom Business Applications Development
    - Statistic Applications
    - Peer-To-Peer technologies
    - Multimedia Applications
    - Plug-Ins for traditional software
    - Back-End solutions for Banks, ISPs, Companies, Public Institutions and other buyers
    Any possible custom applications . It's impossible to write full list of possible software we can develop. It's obviously. Your project depends only on your fantasy and needs. But you can be sure that we have right skills and brains to develop it.
    Multimedia Applications Development
    We develop Interactive & creative Presentations.
    Whether you need a complex marketing tool complete with tailored mixed elements or a simple presentation for a sales meeting, ecare prides itself on delivering top-quality solutions that blend solid design with leading-edge technology.
    At ecare, multimedia is our specialty. We pride ourselves in being able to create and deploy interactive multimedia applications to a wide variety of delivery solutions including web sites and the Internet.
    - Streaming Media
    - Flash
    - Shockwave
    ecare has a dedicated multimedia department responsible for creating and implementing the best multimedia content available. We will work with your specific needs to provide you with the best solution available.